JSS Achievements


It is a matter for pride that JSS has achieved a great deal internationally and locally since its inception. A few such achievements deserve mention here,

  • JSS observed its first May Day - 1960. This was followed every year, gradually achieving greater glory.

  • The successful struggle on behalf of the auto rickshaw workers resulted in the birth of a self employment Project benefiting 600 drivers. 1980

  • JSS started the publication of Jathika Saviya, Its news bulletin - 28.02.1980

  • The employees of Mt. Lavinia Hotel leaving their old trade union and joining JSS and winning their demands. January 1983.

  • JSS provided food and financial assistance to worker families rendered destitute due to the disturbances in July, 1983.

  • JSS could move into its own Headquarters building at Pitakotte which was constructed from the Union funds. 1984

  • The recognition of JSS by ILO

  • The passage of the Employee Trust Fund Act No. 45 of 1980 and the Gratuities Act No. 12 of 1983 by the government as a result of representations made by JSS was a landmark in the history of trade union movement. The beneficiaries were the entire work force in the country.

  • The co-operative employees who hither to had been a neglected entity benefited under the gratuities scheme. They too became entitled to such privileges as 84 days maternity leave.

  • Among the other benefits extended to co-operative employees were the salary increases, right to go before the Labour Tribunals, permanent status and salary scales for temporary, casual and substitute employees, confirmation at the end of probation, overtime and payments in respect of unutilized leave.

  • JSS enjoys the privilege of the fruitful participation in the deliberations of Wages Boards Forty two such participations are on record.

  • Celebration of the silver jubilee - 1984

  • Celebration of the Golden jubilee - 2009
Silver Jubilee

The Twenty third day of August 1985 was a memoral day in the history of Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya. The progressive march of the Union reached an important landmark on this day. The pioneers, the successive leaders and the general membership gathered together on one platform to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of J.S.S. The glory of the occasion was intensified as another historic event coincided with the Silver Jubilee celebrations. The Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya moved into a new two storeyed house at 416, Kotte Road, Pitkotte, on this day. Hon J.R.Jayawardena, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the leader of the U.N.P. and the founder of the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya who declared open the new Headquarters stated in his message.

"The role played by the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya over a period of 25 years in winning and safeguarding, the rights and privileges of the workers is indeed greatly commendable"

The Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya has lived up to this observation made by one of the greatest statesmen, Sri Lanka produced since independence. The souvenir published to commemorate the Silver Jubilee contains the messages from past Prime Ministers, Presidents of J.S.S, Ministers and other keep personages including the General Secretary.